BART joins transit agencies in #SoundTheHorn to show appreciation for transit workers


BART joins transit agencies in #SoundTheHorn to show appreciation for transit workers

BART will join transit agencies across the United States in a singular show of appreciation for transit workers as public transportation vehicles will blow their horns.

On Thursday, April 16, at noon Pacific Time, BART trains will #SoundTheHorn in unison with transit agencies across the country, such as AC Transit, New York City Subway and Amtrak. The horns will be blown to honor the hard-working and essential public transit employees who continue to move people to their destinations during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Sound the Horn infographic

The initiative was launched in New York City, as its Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), together with Amtrak, NJ TRANSIT, and other agencies came together to coordinate a day of action in appreciation of their transit workers. 

For media members looking to shoot photo or video of #SoundTheHorn, please be on the Embarcadero Station platform by noon.  At noon, BART should have about 36 trains in service and all train operators will blow the train horns. PA announcements will also be made system wide in advance.

BART, like countless public transit agencies in the United States, has been pivotal in moving thousands of essential workers, including those who work in healthcare, airports, grocery stores and law enforcement, to and from work. Last month, BART profiled healthcare workers who continued to commute using BART.

While ridership has dropped by more than 90 percent, BART continues to run long 10-car trains for riders to maintain social distancing. Daily station and train cleaning have been ramped up significantly since the outbreak of COVID-19 to ensure all touch points at stations or trains are being sanitized.

For further updates on #SoundTheHorn, please visit BART's Twitter account at @SFBART.