BART app now offers customized notifications


BART app now offers customized notifications

Riders can now opt-in to customized in-app notifications about BART service and announcements using the official BART app. Riders can personalize what type of information they get through the app based on when and where they ride BART and what information they care most about. The customized notifications can be based on specific travel patterns at specific times of the day, giving riders information they want, when they need it. In-app notifications streamline a user’s experience because it delivers the information automatically without going through the motions of looking it up.

With the latest version of the BART (Official) app, in-app notifications are now available with subscription settings for:

  • BART Service Advisories based on preferred days of the week and specific timeframes of travel
  • BART Elevator Outage Alerts based on selected stations, days of the week and timeframe of travel
  • Real time train departures specific to station, direction of travel, days of the week and timeframe
  • Announcements such as planned track shutdowns or schedule changes and updates about new efforts to improve the rider experience

How it works

  • Download or update to the latest version of the app
  • When you open the app, on the pop-up window, allow the app to send you the in-app notifications
  • Under Profile, select Notification Settings and subscribe to the in-app notifications you want
  • Select the days of the week, time ranges, and stations you use
  • Once you have made your selections you will start receiving the in-app notifications; you can adjust the settings at any time

While BART offers this information on its website, through email and SMS alerts, and listed within the BART app itself, this is the first time in-app notifications are being offered.

The new feature is the latest addition to the app to provide riders with a more seamless experience in their journey to our stations and while using our system. BART recently added Daily Fee parking payment through in-app purchases.

About the BART (Official) app

The official BART app offers riders end-to-end trip planning, real-time departures with data straight from BART, service advisories, the ability to save your favorite trips and stations, contactless parking payment, cancelled trip notices, and a Fleet of the Future train tracker. 

Download the App:

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