Garage lighting improvement project launches


Garage lighting improvement project launches

Work starts December 7, at Hayward Station garage which is the first of 14 garages owned by BART that are part of a lighting retrofit project. The project will replace over 10,500 existing lighting fixtures with light-emitting-diode (LED) fixtures and add new wireless web-based lighting controls that will make the lighting in the garages more energy efficient, brighter, easier to maintain, and in keeping with the BART’s sustainability goals.

The 14 station parking garages that are part of this project, in the order of construction, are: Hayward, Walnut Creek (BART-owned only), Millbrae, Daly City, Fruitvale, Pleasant Hill, Concord, San Bruno, Colma, South San Francisco, Dublin/Pleasanton, MacArthur, Richmond, and El Cerrito Del Norte.

If there is surface parking available at a station, the entire garage will be closed for the work (which will occur during weekdays only). However, if no other parking is available, the garage will be closed floor by floor.  Each location will have “No Parking” signs placed in the area to be closed at least 72 hours in advance.

This work will be done throughout 2021, with completion planned for the last quarter of the year. 

We are working to complete many infrastructure improvements throughout the BART system while ridership is down due to the pandemic. Riders returning to work can expect to find cleaner, more modern stations, improved reliability, and a smoother ride as a result of all the projects completed. While operating costs have been drastically cut from loss of ridership, the capital funding that was secured as part of Measure RR and other bond offerings has allowed this work to continue.

Below is an image of the old-style lighting fixture in Hayward garage.

Old Lighting fixture at Hayward Parking Garage