BART to offer extended service for Oakland A’s Games


BART to offer extended service for Oakland A’s Games

June 2021 update:

The A's are planning a post-game fireworks show after their home night game against the Boston Red Sox on Friday, July 2. Due to the fireworks show beginning much later after the game typically ends, BART unfortunately is unable to accommodate fans who stay for the fireworks show.

If you attend the July 2 game at the Coliseum and plan to stay for the fireworks show, please arrange alternative transportation options to return home if you take BART to the Coliseum.

If you attend the July 2 game at the Coliseum and plan to take BART home, a good rule thumb is to be on the Coliseum Station platform by 10:10 pm. 

BART will be providing additional trains after regular BART service ends for fans departing A’s night games at the Coliseum. These additional trains will all be long trains to ensure social distancing. Masks are required while riding. 

Opening Night

For April 1, 2021, opening night, the game has a later start time (7:07pm). BART will offer a one-time-only special service plan for opening night that will have event trains after the game is over. One train per BART route will be standing by the once the game ends (Berryessa, Dublin, Millbrae, Richmond-Antioch riders should board Richmond train and transfer to an Antioch train at MacArthur).

Note: Riders can either take the last scheduled train of the evening before BART closes or these event trains to get home. There will be no other trains that run between the last scheduled trains and the extra event trains.

2021 Season

For the 2021 season, A’s night games will begin at 6:40pm (except for Opening Night which begins at 7:07pm). For night games that begin at 6:40pm, BART will provide one extra batch of trains after regular BART service ends. These trains will be timed to allow fans to stay the average length of a nine-inning game. BART will not hold trains any longer than the added event train schedule outlined below, even if games go later. 

Last trains of the evening:

Northbound train times

  • 10:18pm to Millbrae (added event train, note no service to SFO)
  • 10:21pm to Richmond (added event train)
  • 10:24pm to Antioch

Southbound train times

  • Berryessa 10:14pm (Fans going to Dublin should board this train and transfer to a Dublin train at Bay Fair.)

The location of Oracle Park prevents us from being able to provide extended service after Giants games at this time.