BART extended service for A's night games will not accommodate 7/2/21 post-game fireworks show


BART extended service for A's night games will not accommodate 7/2/21 post-game fireworks show

BART continues to provide additional trains after regular BART service ends for fans departing A’s night games at the Coliseum.

Since the start of the 2021 MLB season, BART has provided extra event trains for fans who attend the 6:40 pm A's night games after regular BART service ends approximately at 9 pm. BART does not hold trains any longer than the added event train schedule (schedule provided below), even if games go later.

The A's are planning a post-game fireworks show after their home night game against the Boston Red Sox on Friday, July 2. Due to the fireworks show beginning much later after the game typically ends, and the fact our A’s night service makes stops at all stations systemwide, BART unfortunately is unable to accommodate fans who stay for the fireworks show.

If you attend the July 2 game at the Coliseum and plan to stay for the fireworks show, please arrange alternative transportation options to return home if you take BART to the Coliseum.

If you attend the July 2 game at the Coliseum and plan to take BART home, a good rule thumb is to be on the Coliseum Station platform by 10:10 pm. 

BART plans to extend its service hours to midnight on weekdays and Saturdays starting August 2. 


Last trains of the evening:

Northbound train times

  • 10:18pm to Millbrae (added event train, note no service to SFO)
  • 10:21pm to Richmond (added event train)
  • 10:24pm to Antioch

Southbound train times

  • Berryessa 10:14pm (Fans going to Dublin should board this train and transfer to a Dublin train at Bay Fair.)

*This article was originally posted on June 4, 2021.

Statement about not being able to accommodate fireworks:

We tried very hard to find a way to stay open late enough to accommodate the fireworks, but we couldn’t make it work. We don’t have the staff available to keep all 50 stations open that late into the evening. We are A’s fans also and we prioritized late night trains for all A’s night games since the beginning of the season. Those trains leave at around 10:15pm and unfortunately the fireworks are well beyond that timeframe. The A’s have been aware of this since for more than a month when they first announced fireworks would take place on July 2. In early June we began coordinating with the A’s about how to get the word out to ticket holders about the July 2nd game. We recently re-explored if there was any possible chance of making it work but there isn’t a way. If there was, we would do it, but the staffing isn’t available for the Friday night game in addition to the 4th of July late night service we are providing for the free fireworks show in San Francisco. We provided very limited service for the Bay Bridge series fireworks last week because it would serve both sets of A’s and Giants fans at the same time and because it involved very limited service with 8 stops. 

We know this is a tremendous let down and people are relying on us, but we close at 9pm and are staffed only until 9pm until August 2nd (just moved up from August 30th). Every bit of extra service is very difficult to piece together. 

We are still providing our post game service for the July 2nd game. But it is before the fireworks begin.