Power Content Label

BART Onsite Solar Panels at Warm Springs/South Fremont Station

Photo: Warm Springs / South Fremont Station has nearly 2,000 solar panels installed on the station roof and on parking lot canopies.

The Power Content Label (PCL) is an annual report produced under the California Energy Commission’s Power Source Disclosure program that provides a detailed view into BART’s sources of power supply and how it compares to California’s “grid average” power mix. As a compliance obligation introduced under Assembly Bill 923 (2019), BART produces a PCL annually to enhance the transparency of its power supply portfolio, despite not serving retail load like all other program participants. The PCL is released each fall for the prior calendar year. BART’s first ever PCL profiles its 2019 electric portfolio.

In 2019, 92% of BART’s power supply was sourced from greenhouse gas free (“GHG-free”) energy sources including 5% from eligible renewable resources. [1] Large hydroelectric resources represented BART’s largest source of GHG-free electricity, but are not defined as eligible renewable resources under California state law. In California, bioenergy, geothermal, solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, small hydroelectric, and wind energy resources are all designated as eligible renewable resources under California’s Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS). 

In 2019, BART’s electric power portfolio was comprised of specified imports including large hydroelectric and ACS power sourced from the Pacific Northwest, federal preference hydroelectric power from Western Area Power Administration (WAPA), renewable hydroelectric power generated by the Lake Nacimiento hydroelectric project, and photovoltaic solar power from the Gridley #2 solar project and other onsite solar projects located on BART property.

Power Content Label diagram, updated December 2020

Today, BART is actively preparing to integrate two new renewable projects, one wind and one solar, into its supply portfolio in 2021. With the benefit of these renewable power purchase agreements (PPAs), BART is on-track to serve its District-wide operations with over 50% renewable generation by 2022.

[1] “Eligible renewable resources” refer to electric supply resources that qualify as renewable pursuant to the California Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS) program.