Transit Security Advisory Committee

BART Transit Security Advisory Committee Overview

California Assembly Bill 716 grants BART Police Officers the authority to issue prohibition orders to offenders who are cited or arrested for certain offenses. In 2017, California State Assembly Bill 730 (Quirk) made the law permanent. The overall purpose of this safety program is to reduce the number of crime-related disruptions in the BART system. As mandated by the law, the BART Transit Security Advisory Committee (TSAC) was created and called upon to meet with BART staff every quarter to ensure anti-discrimination in the administration and enforcement of this new safety program. Board-appointed members of TSAC are professionals in the areas of mental health, homelessness, public safety and youth advocacy and cultural awareness. More specifically, TSAC meets to:

    • Provide recommendations regarding the type and extent of training that should be undertaken by individuals with responsibility for issuance and enforcement of prohibition orders.
    • Identify services and programs to which persons that are homeless or mentally ill maybe referred by BART Police prior to or in conjunction with issuance of a prohibition order.
    • Monitor the issuance of prohibition orders.
    • Provide BART Board of Directors and the California State Legislature with an annual report.

Agenda and Minutes

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