19th Street/Oakland Station Modernization

19th St./Oakland Station Improvements
Rendering of upgraded LED and accent lighting in 19th St./Oakland Station

BART is working to upgrade 19th Street/Oakland BART Station with improvements that will expand station capacity, reduce crowding, improve access, save energy, reduce fare evasion, and enhance the customer experience.

Building off of BART's 2014 Station Modernization Plan, BART plans to begin construction in 2019 on the following upgrades:

  • Replacement of existing light fixtures with energy-efficient LED lighting throughout station

  • Expansion of the fare paid area at the north end of the station, including a new station agent booth and new fare gates

  • New north end platform elevator

  • New glass railings and fare barriers

  • Repair of terrazzo flooring and ceramic wall tiles

  • New public art installations throughout station

  • Expansion of interior bike parking and addition of bike channels

19th Street/Oakland BART Station Improvements Summary Sheet

These improvements are funded by State of California Proposition 1B funds and a Federal Department of Transportation TIGER Grant, as part of the broader GO Uptown project with the City of Oakland./p>


19th Street/Oakland Station Modernization Plan

BART completed the 19th Street/Oakland Station Modernization Plan in 2014. The goal of the plan is to develop a long-term vision to upgrade and modernize the station's function, safety, capacity, sustainability, and appearance, as well as to improve the overall customer experience.  The plan is intended to be implemented in phases as funding becomes available.

For more information, view the final report:

19th Street/Oakland BART Station Modernization Plan - 2014 (PDF)

Passenger input

BART conducted in-station events and an online survey to get input on the Station Modernization Plan in June 2014. Over 629 people provided feedback.

The following were rated as the most important improvements by survey participants:

  • Maintain and upgrade general infrastructure functionality – e.g. ensure that escalators/elevators work, repair elevator leaks, increase storage for cleaning equipment, replace worn out hardware (75% surveyed rated as "important" or "extremely important")

  • Improve general station cleanliness and upkeep – e.g. repaint ceilings and repairing floors, repair damaged bricks (68% surveyed rated as "important" or "extremely important")

  • Upgrade the lighting within the station, including more energy efficient lighting (61% surveyed rated as "important" or "extremely important")

If you wish to view the public consultation materials, please click here.

Please contact us with any questions or comments.

Station Modernization Plan

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