Extension Planning

Expansion & Capacity Enhancement 

BART has developed a System Expansion Policy that states goals and strategies for expanding the system including criteria for evaluating expansion opportunities. 

The Planning Department at BART assesses strategic opportunities for system expansion by conducting corridor studies for future BART services, assessing alternative methods for expanding transit services in the region, completing assessments of environmental impacts of proposed projects, and analyzing opportunities for new stations within the existing system (infill stations).

New Transbay Rail Crossing program

BART and its transit and planning partners are studying future rail investments needed to improve connectivity in the Bay Area’s core and simultaneously delivering much-needed improvements in connectivity around Northern California.

The Second Transbay Rail Crossing opens an opportunity for BART and for its transit partners to consider the possibility of sharing a Transbay Rail Crossing. BART tracks are a wider gauge than the other rail lines in the Bay Area, so BART trains cannot share tracks with Caltrain, ACE, High Speed Rail, or Capitol Corridor. It may be possible to build a new rail crossing with room for both BART and standard-gauge rail, and this study will consider how that could work.

Active Studies

BART to Silicon Valley:  The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) is working to extend BART service to Silicon Valley in two phases. 

VTA's BART Silicon Valley Phase I Operations and Maintenance Agreement By and Between VTA and BART. The Operations and Maintenance Agreement between BART and VTA relates to the revenue operations phase of the Silicon Valley BART Extension and addresses, among other things: (i) BART's and VTA's individual operations and maintenance responsibilities for the extension; (ii) use of real property associated with the extension; and (iii) VTA's funding and payment of BART's costs.

Irvington Station as part of Warm Springs Extension: Using Measure BB funds allocated by the Alameda County Transportation Commission, BART and the City of Fremont have been working together to update the conceptual station site plan to reflect current BART policies, practices and standards, as well as input from the community and other project stakeholders.

Completed Studies and Projects

I-80 Corridor - wBART (2017)  

Jack London Feasibility Study (2004) 

30th Street Infill Station Study (2003)

BART Contra Costa-Solano I-80 Rail Feasibility Study (2003)

BART to Livermore 

East Contra Costa BART - eBART now called BART to Antioch

Warm Springs Extension