Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Do BART Police Officers have the same police authority as city Police Officers and Deputy Sheriffs?

A: Yes. BART Police Officers are fully sworn Peace Officers that have the same powers of arrest as city Police Officers and county Sheriff's Deputies. In addition, BART Officers attend the same Police Academies and receive continuous police training.

In addition to taking enforcement action on BART property, can BART Police Officers take enforcement action off of BART property (i.e., within city limits, county jurisdictions, or on state highways)?

A: Yes. BART Officers may take enforcement action off of BART jurisdiction, anywhere within the state of California. If there is immediate danger to persons or property, BART Officers may arrest, cite and release, or warn the perpetrators.

What types of crimes do BART Police Officers investigate?

A: BART Officers and Detectives investigate all reported crimes that occur on BART property. These crimes include transit-related crimes and auto burglaries, auto thefts, robberies, purse snatches, assaults, homicides, and any other felonies, misdemeanors or infractions that occur within the BART District.

What are the telephones marked with blue signs and blue strobe lights for that are located in BART parking lots?

A: These telephones are hooked directly to the BART Police Communications Center. The phones should only be used for reporting emergencies to the BART Police. For calls to the Police Department for non-emergencies, other options such as payphones, cellular phones or contacting on-duty BART personnel should be used.

Why do BART train cars have cameras mounted in them with flashing red lights?

A: Many BART train cars are equipped with video-surveillance recording systems. These systems are used to record criminal activity, including the vandalizing of the train cars. Violators will be arrested and prosecuted.