Bureaus and Divisions


The Support Services Bureau provides the day-to-day resources and support necessary for an efficient, effective, and well managed Department. It is comprised of several units, which provide administrative support and a myriad of services to the Department. Divisions/units within the Bureau include:  911 Communications Center, Budget and Payroll, Criminal Investigations Division, Police Fleet Management, Property and Evidence, Records, and Warrants. Whether a 911 call to the communications center, a request for a report, or working with a vendor to ensure personnel have the equipment and resources necessary to fulfill the mission of BART PD, the staff of the Support Services Bureau work to professionally represent the Department in keeping with BART PD’s Core Values: Integrity, Service, Accountability, Professionalism, and Diversity.

The Criminal Investigations Division is responsible for conducting follow-up investigations, seeking criminal complaints, preparing search warrants, and interviewing and interrogating witnesses and suspected criminals. The Criminal Investigations Division is comprised of a lieutenant, a sergeant, detective officers, a crime analyst, and two video recovery community service officers.


The Personal and Training Bureau is responsible for recruitment, hiring, and training. BART PD has developed its training to be both progressive and innovative. Annual advanced officer training includes the following courses: Arrest and Control, Defensive Tactics, Fair and Impartial Policing, First Aid and CPR, Impact Weapons, Reality Based Scenarios, and Taser.


In order to best serve BART customers and employees, the Police Department has adopted a Zone Geographical Policing Structure. There are six zones, each of which has a unique character and needs. A lieutenant commands each one of the six patrol zones, with a team of patrol sergeants, police officers and community service officers who are all responsible and accountable for providing 24/7 service to their areas within the BART District. Zone policing improves police services by identifying specific problems for more diligent responses.

The Operations Bureau also includes K9, Critical Asset Protection (CAP) team, Revenue Protection, and Traffic units.


The Bureau of Progressive Policing and Community Engagement’s mission is to engage the BART Police Department in leading transparent, equitable, and innovative policing practices to improve public safety across the diverse communities in which we serve. We are committed to rebuilding trust and nurturing relationships between our communities and law enforcement through a culture of accountability, responsibility, and collaboration.

The Progressive Policing and Community Engagement Bureau includes the Transit Ambassadors, Crisis Intervention and Community Outreach Unit, and Community-Oriented Policing Division.