Bridge work means 24-hour BART service to selected stations


Bridge work means 24-hour BART service to selected stations

BART trains to run Friday night through Saturday morning & Saturday night through Sunday morning

BART trains will be running around the clock during the weekend of June 3rd to make sure Bay Area residents and workers can get between the East Bay and San Francisco while Caltrans shuts down the lower deck of the Bay Bridge for overnight earthquake retrofit work. See for more information on the project.

Normally BART service ends around midnight. However, this weekend Caltrans is paying BART to run trains back and forth across the Bay from Friday night through Saturday morning and then again on Saturday night through Sunday morning.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After midnight, BART trains will run hourly. Transfers for the Richmond, Fremont and Pittsburg/Baypoint lines will take place at MacArthur Station. Times shown on the timetable are departure times and trains will wait to make transfer connections. Download a .pdf file of the timetable (186 k).  Additionally, trains will only stop at the following 21 stations:

? Bay Fair
? Downtown Berkeley
? Concord
? Dublin/Pleasanton
? El Cerrito Del Norte
? Fremont
? Lake Merritt
? MacArthur (AC Transit Transfer Point)
? Coliseum/Oakland Airport
? Pittsburg/Bay Point
? Richmond
? Rockridge
? Walnut Creek

? Colma
? Millbrae
? San Francisco International Airport

? 24th Street/Mission
? Balboa Park
? Embarcadero
? Montgomery
? Powell

AC Transit will offer connecting service at the MacArthur BART Station.Visit or for additional information.

BART does not provide regular 24 hour service because many safety sensitive, essential and/or California Public Utilities Commission mandated maintenance work can only take place when trains are not running. This weekend's 24 hour service will mean BART will have to play catch up on essential maintenance work. If BART were to offer 24 hour service on a regular basis, BART would not be able to ensure the safety and reliability of the railroad for passengers.

Contrary to popular belief, the London Underground, the Paris metro system and Washington, DC Metro do not run 24 hours per day. In fact, BART has longer hours of operation than those subway systems.

The last time BART offered all night train service was during the weekend of October 15, 2005 when Caltrans shutdown the eastbound lanes on the Bay Bridge for overnight construction work.

The time prior to that was between December 31, 1999 and January 1, 2000 for the Millennium celebrations.

Perhaps the most notable period of 24 hour operation was when BART became a life line for commuters and the economy during the month after the October 17, 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. The temblor collapsed a portion of the bridge's upper deck, shutting it down for a month while crews repaired the bridge. BART ran 24-hours a day for nearly the entire time the bridge was down.