Public feedback on temporary fare rollback collected in report


Public feedback on temporary fare rollback collected in report

MIG report: Proposed Temporary Fare Reduction Options Public Participation Summary Report (1109k .pdf)
Title VI Assessment of Proposed Temporary Fare Reduction Options (362k .pdf)
Executive Summary of the Title VI Assessment of Proposed Temporary Fare Reduction Options (22k .pdf)

BART projects a $4.5 million funding surplus for Fiscal Year 2011, due to one-time State Transit Assistance funding that was restored after being cut earlier. In June, the BART Board of Directors considered how to use the surplus – proposing to use about half, or $2.3 million, for a short-term fare reduction.  The two fare reduction options under consideration are cutting fares by 3% for four months, or by 5% for three months.

In June, BART conducted a public participation process to get public input on the two temporary fare reduction proposals. Activities included 18 community meetings, print surveys, web surveys, verbal and written comments at meetings, and direct correspondence to BART.  A report on the public participation process by consultant MIG Inc., along with a BART staff analysis of the effect of the fare proposals on low-income and minority populations and an executive summary of the analysis, have been sent to the BART Board of Directors. The Board is scheduled to take action on what to do with the surplus at its meeting on Thursday, July 22.

The key findings in the MIG report for the fare reduction options based on input from the public participation activities are as follows:

  • Quantifiable print survey results indicated that the two temporary fare reduction options were each supported by about one-third of respondents. Support from web survey respondents ranged from 11% to 17%.
  • Public comments showed that, in lieu of a temporary fare reduction, there was substantial support for BART to direct the funds to other uses.  The most commonly recommended alternative uses for the surplus funds were: cleaning cars and stations, providing service increases and extending hours, making car improvements, supplementing rainy-day reserves and conducting overall system maintenance and improvement.

At its meeting on Thursday, July 22, the Board will consider not only the temporary fare reduction issue but other proposals for using the rest of the projected $4.5 million surplus. Those proposals include providing:

  • $1 million for BART’s rainy-day reserves, bringing total reserves to $25 million
  •  $750,000 for replacement of seats and deep-cleaning of rail cars
  •  $200,000 to defer an increase in East Bay paratransit fares for 4 months
  •  $150,000 for emergency operations facility
  • $100,000 to improve station agent customer service
  • $75,000 for real-time information monitors to be installed in venues near BART stations
  • $62,476 to convert four part-time utility workers to full-time

Members of the public may submit comments on the budget. The public also is welcome to attend Board meetings in person or to watch them on a live or on-demand webcast. Notices and agendas, directions to the meetings, and a link to the webcast are all available at


Updates: contact form for comments added July 19, 2010; web survey findings added July 20, 2010.