Clipper card transition is final on Dec. 22


Clipper card transition is final on Dec. 22

EZ Rider cards will no longer work for fare payment at any BART faregates

Wednesday, December 22, marks the date when EZ Rider cards will no longer be accepted at any faregates for fare payment on BART.

For several months, BART has prepared customers for the transition and urged them to switch to a Clipper card (info at As of December 15th, BART told customers it could no longer guarantee EZ Rider cards would work.

The Clipper card is safe and convenient and works on AC Transit, SFMTA (Muni), Golden Gate Transit and Caltrain. You can add value to the card online, at ticket booths, add value machines in stations and at retailers. Sign up for a card at or pick one up at area retailers like Walgreens or at select transit agency ticket booths. (Find a full list of locations on the website.)

BART recommends that you sign up for the BART HVD (high value discount) product on the card in order to receive the same discount that has been available on EZ Rider. You can go to your EZ Rider online account information to learn how to close your fare payment account and request a refund of the balance.

You can also use your Clipper card now to pay for parking at BART. The easiest way to pay for daily parking is to link your Clipper card to EZ Rider parking. To link your card, go to If you already have an EZ Rider card for parking, you can replace your EZ Rider card number with your Clipper card number by going to the EZ Rider website at That way you can use your Clipper card to pay for parking. You do not have to set up a new account or receive a new hangtag.

If you have any issues with using your Clipper card, you can contact Clipper customer service at [email protected] or by phone at 877.878.8883. You can also find more information on the website.