Update on Daly City Station escalator repair work


Update on Daly City Station escalator repair work

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the broken escalator at Daly City Station. The main drive assembly failed and needed to be repaired and replaced. This has been a major undertaking.  We discovered additional work that was not anticipated in the original time estimate and have had a shortage of manpower because of emergency repair work that was needed at another station. The Daly City escalator will be out of service until the end of April.

We are working hard to complete the work as soon as possible. The main parts have now been installed and we are installing the remaining parts along with the all new steps and step chains.

We recognize the inconvenience this has been, but it has also allowed us to conduct a full service on the inner workings of the escalator. We hope that this work will result in many more years of trouble-free operation.

Due to technical issues, the remaining escalator will only be operated in the down direction, but can be reversed if absolutely necessary. Passengers will need to use the elevator or stairs to ascend. We understand that this is an inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

To check the operational status of the elevator before arriving at the station, please call 510-834-LIFT or 888-2-ELEVAT.