Eighty new parking spaces added at Fruitvale Station


Eighty new parking spaces added at Fruitvale Station

Eighty new paid parking spaces are now available in the lot next to 35th Avenue at Fruitvale Station.

Download the bulletin (.pdf) for a map of the area and for more information on language assistance services. Please remember that all BART parking rules apply:

1. Only park in marked spaces.
2. There is a 24 hour time limit unless a long-term parking permit is purchased.
3. Parking is available for roundtrip passengers only (no parking for casual carpoolers or local businesses).
4. Remember your space number.
5. Pay $1 using cash or a BART blue ticket at the Add Fare Machine inside the paid area of the station or sign up to pay for your parking with your Clipper card at https://ezrider.bart.gov/ezrider/.

If you need language assistance services, please call BART’s Transit Information Center at (510) 465-2278.