BART vendor issues refunds to riders incorrectly overcharged for Airport/Long Term Parking


BART vendor issues refunds to riders incorrectly overcharged for Airport/Long Term Parking

The vendor contracted by BART to administer our Airport/Long Term Parking Permit program is refunding customers who were incorrectly overcharged. After being alerted by a customer, a BART investigation discovered a problem with the configuration of the billing software used by the contractor.

Some Customers Should Not Have Had Weekend Parking Charged

BART’s contractor’s software configuration incorrectly charged 16,054 customers over a 28-month period for parking on Saturdays, Sundays and some holidays when the customers should have received free parking. Under BART’s Airport/Long Term Parking Permit policy, reservations with start or end dates occurring on Saturday or Sunday will not be charged for Saturday and Sunday. However, customers who make reservations for Airport/Long Term Parking which begin and end on weekdays must pay for the Saturdays and Sundays if those days occur within the reservation period.

Effort Underway to Notify Customers and Issue Refunds

Pacific Parking Management/ParkingCarma will be issuing refunds to the 16,054 affected customers within two weeks to distribute about $202,000 in refunds. The company is contacting customers in the following ways:

  • By issuing an immediate refund to the customer’s credit card;
  •  If the credit card is no longer active, Pacific Parking Management/ParkingCarma will try to contact the customer by email, phone or mail to determine the method by which they wish to receive the refund;
  •  If a customer is not contacted regarding a refund but feels they are eligible to receive one, they may contact Pacific Parking Management/ParkingCarma by calling (877) 442 – 6717 or emailing [email protected]..

The BART Audit Department will review the parking permit vendor’s accounting of the refunds to ensure that they are properly distributed.

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