Rainy season on the way: BART reminds riders of wet-weather tips


Rainy season on the way: BART reminds riders of wet-weather tips

With the rainy season starting early this year, BART is gearing up for wet weather and reminding riders of safety tips. BART maintenance teams have all hands on deck in inclement weather. Some of the challenges can be falling branches from strong winds, which can knock out power or block a trackway, or heavy downpours that create puddling.

 "Anytime you have moving parts exposed to the elements in bad weather, it can create problems, but we work hard to be prepared and call in extra staff if needed to deal with weather-related issues," BART Buildings Foreworker Charles Alexander said. "We do everything we can because our priority is on safety and reliability for the riders who count on us."

Riders can do their part by following tips such as:

  •  Put umbrellas away in a bag to avoid drips;
  •  Use extra caution when walking and be aware of surfaces that could be wet;
  •  Pay attention to surroundings; don't be distracted by texting or reading on a mobile device;
  •  Leave early and allow extra time to get to your destination; you don't want to have to run to make a train, and there may be weather-related delays; 
  •  Choose footwear and outerwear appropriate for weather conditions;
  •  Keep paper tickets dry or better yet, use a Clipper card;

If you spot a weather problem area on a train or in a station you can use the intercom to notify the train operator or let the station agent or other personnel know. BART appreciates your help in keeping the system running smoothly and safely during inclement weather.