Seen & heard on BART this week: carols, fake Chanel, E-40, meditation


Seen & heard on BART this week: carols, fake Chanel, E-40, meditation

Pay phone at Fruitvale BART

BART riders are a busy bunch -- taking trains to work, to play, to meet friends and travel around the Bay Area. While they're on BART they're gaming, crocheting, listening to music, reading and people-watching. Here's a fresh batch of things people saw and talked about on BART this week. We'll update this page every week so come back to see what people are doing on BART.  We compile these from, the social networking and microblogging service where users share short messages or "tweets" about what they're doing. You can follow our Twitter feed at We're also looking for rider-contributed photos like the one on this page from Flickr user kismet_70, of a real old-fashioned pay phone at the Fruitvale BART Station. Find out more about how to contribute photos.

Note: Seen & Heard on BART will be on hiatus through Jan. 8, 2013, for the holiday break. See you in the New Year!

Friday, Dec. 21:

My favorite Bart operator just sang us a Christmas Carol #holidays #christmas #joy#thereasonfortheseason

Thursday, Dec. 20:

Fake Chanel Bag Lady upped her game with Fake Chanel Shoes. No picture because I'm blinded by the ugly #Bart

Wednesday, Dec. 19:

Just saw E-40 at the BART station in west oak. I was too slow this morning to get hyphy.

Tuesday, Dec. 18:

Having a staring contest with a baby on Bart

Monday, Dec. 17:

Nothing like a little morning meditation on the bart train.

Friday, Dec. 14:

Started a David Bowie dance party on Bart. It was just a little one. But sassy. God bless those willing commuters. #letsdance

Wednesday, Dec. 12:

Jingle bells accordionist on @SFBART. Now that's a first

Tuesday,  Dec. 11:

It had been years since I rode public transportation... This was captured in San Fran... @ SFO Bart Station

Monday, Dec. 10:

"Good morning and happy Monday", says the Bart train operator

Thursday, Dec. 6:

Dude on Bart literally asleep while still standing, wonder if he is gonna fall or not#bart #sf #commuters

Wednesday, Dec. 5:

There was a girl with no umbrella standing in the rain waiting for BART. I stood next to her so she could share mine.