BART survey seeks customer feedback on paid parking program


BART survey seeks customer feedback on paid parking program


BART customers are encouraged to complete a newly released parking survey to provide feedback on potential changes to the paid parking program that could impact the amount customers pay to park at BART stations.  BART is considering modifying parking policies and charging for parking spaces based on demand, to raise revenue to help cover the costs of providing parking, renovate BART's aging infrastructure, keep the cost of BART fares down, and improve BART service.

BART maintains approximately 47,000 parking spaces with a daily parking fee rate of $1 or $2 at most stations.  The paid parking program policies were established in 2003 and modified in 2005, and BART is seeking your input on proposed updates to those program policies.  While BART’s parking policy allows for the charging of daily parking fees based on established criteria, the ability to adjust the fee is limited. 

For stations with parking in the West Bay, parking fees have been adjusted periodically based on usage.  For East Bay stations with parking, while the policy has criteria which allows for the implementation of a $1/day parking fee (except for at West Oakland where the fee is currently $5 per day), the policy does not allow for adjustments based on use.  Currently 27 of the 33 BART stations with parking have a daily parking fee.  Six stations currently offer free daily parking.  About ¼ of BART’s passengers park at our stations. 

BART is soliciting input on the current program, and modifications to the parking program that would charge for parking based on the demand at a particular station.  Options also under consideration with the program changes include capping the daily fee at $3 (except for at West Oakland) and allowing for only two increases per year at stations where demand is high and parking is full.  Under such a scenario daily fees at most stations would be increased in 50 cent increments, while monthly reserved parking would be increased by $10.50 (which works out to about 50 cents per day). If parking lots are no longer full, the fees would be decreased, as they were at the Daly City Station in 2010.

Survey results will be taken into account as BART moves forward with developing a proposal to modify its parking program.  Any new proposal would be presented for public consideration during an open hearing of the Board of Directors and the Board must approve any changes to the program. 
The survey will be live from December 4-18, 2012. Click here to take the survey. More info on parking can be found in the parking section.  Persons requiring language assistance can call 510-464-6752.