Update on Transbay Tube: No more single-tracking expected for Friday


Update on Transbay Tube: No more single-tracking expected for Friday

With initial repairs completed after an overnight collision of maintenance vehicles, no further single-tracking was expected through the Transbay Tube during the rest of passenger service on Friday.

Delays were expected to subside to minimal levels even during the Friday afternoon commute, spokesperson Alicia Trost said. Major delays occurred during the Friday morning commute when single-tracking was required for initial repairs.

"It has been determined that we will finish up the work after passenger service is over for the day," Trost said. Trains were moving on both tracks through the Transbay Tube, although trains in the Oakland-bound direction were operating manually at 25 mph for a short stretch of track, about 2000 feet, through the incident area.

"This shouldn't create much impact, perhaps as little as 5-minute delays from here on out," Trost said.

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The incident began when two rail maintenance vehicles collided at approximately 2:35 am. No injuries were reported. Approximately 380 feet of the third rail was damaged in the San Francisco to Oakland side of the tube.  The incident is under investigation.

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