Ohlone Greenway path reopens following earthquake safety work


Ohlone Greenway path reopens following earthquake safety work

BART has recently completed major retrofits of its aerial structures that run along the Ohlone Greenway (from North Berkeley to Richmond), as part of the BART Earthquake Safety Program. For the past two years, segments of the greenway have had to be closed to allow crews to perform their work safely and maintain public safety.  BART is pleased to announce the Ohlone Greenway pathway is now fully open to the public, though some landscaping, striping, signing and other minor work will continue for up to two months.  As part of agreements executed with the cities of Albany and El Cerrito, BART has also upgraded portions of the Ohlone Greenway in those cities.  Bicyclists and pedestrians are now able to use an enhanced mixed-use pathway that is wider, has a new pavement section,  and is better striped.  

The retrofit work required temporary closures of the Ohlone Greenway for months at a time.  Pedestrians and bicyclists were asked to detour around the closures during construction.  BART worked with the cities of Berkeley, Albany, and El Cerrito to ensure that these closures minimized the inconvenience of losing the Ohlone Greenway as a resource for commuting, recreation, and open space. 

 BART thanks the residents of Berkeley, Albany, and El Cerrito for their cooperation and patience during construction.  

BART’s Earthquake Safety Program upgrades vulnerable portions of the original BART system to ensure safety for the public and BART employees.   The upgrades are being accomplished by using the latest seismic standards to improve the structural integrity of BART facilities.  Learn more: http://www.bart.gov/about/projects/eqs