BART entry-level engineer program accepting applicants


BART entry-level engineer program accepting applicants

BART's innovative entry-level engineer program, described in more detail in the story here, is accepting applications through Sept. 19 for the next round of positions. There is a special need for applicants in the following two areas: 

Fare Collection Engineering

FCE at BART is made up of a small group of engineers, responsible for a variety of computer systems, equipment and processes involved with the District's fare collection operation and station operations. Our daily responsibilities include management projects related to fare collection systems and equipment, implementation of new equipment and capabilities or rehabilitating aging equipment, monitoring system performance, assisting other BART 
departments in their day-to-day operations in working with BART customers, and troubleshooting problems reported to us from front-line staff.

FCE pride ourselves for our use of open source softwares such as Linux operating system and PostgreSQL database, programming web-based, database driven applications using Java and other common high-level programming languages, and our ability to develop these applications in a timely manner to meet the needs of our internal  BART staff. We are looking for talented and enthusiastic computer programmers who have basic knowledge of Java or object oriented programming languages, programming of web-based applications and database systems.

We are looking for applicants that have conferred in the following areas: Electrical Engineering, Computer 
Engineering, Computer Science.

Electronic Engineering /Computer Engineer

The entry level engineer selected for this discipline will gain experience on electronic and/or programmable logic control systems, supervisory command and control systems, and/or computer network and communications systems. This may include assignments in train control systems utilized to manage the movement, speed braking, routing, and station operations of the trains, or BART’s central computer system. Assignments include field surveys, design, field installation, and testing. 

We are looking for applicants that have conferred in the following areas:  Electronic Engineering, Computer
Engineering, Computer Science Engineering or Computer Software Engineering major required.

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