Modified 2014 holiday commute schedule


Modified 2014 holiday commute schedule

BART will run a Holiday/Sunday schedule on Christmas with service starting around 8am. Parking is free on holidays.  

In anticipation of light ridership during the week between Christmas and New Year's, BART typically modifies its schedule by selectively reducing service where lower ridership is expected.

Accordingly, BART will trim peak-commute weekday Pittsburg/Bay Point trains that usually run in the early morning hours and in the mid-afternoon.  Instead of running trains five minutes apart on the Pittsburg/Bay Point (Yellow) line, trains will run every 10 to 15 minutes. This modified commute-time schedule will be in place from 12/26/14 to1/2/15. 

Check BART's real-time departures throughout the day for trains in service, or on your mobile device at BART's mobile website.  

BART will run until 3am on New Year's Eve. Read the service details about New Year's Eve