Safety first, safely Fourth!


Safety first, safely Fourth!

Gearing up for this year’s Independence Day festivities? Don’t let the star-spangled dazzle catch you off guard – always Bomb detector, vigilance car cardremain aware of your surroundings.  Observe some common sense, basic safety tips so as to keep yourself and BART safe from vandalism, theft and threats this coming weekend.

The key to disrupting the disruptors is early detection of suspicious activity, and no one is better at detecting an out-of-place situation than passengers and employees.  Do you see a car without a driver illegally parked in front of a station, or a driverless truck pulled up next to the tracks? Don’t keep it to yourself – let BART know.  The same thing applies to abandoned packages/luggage, individuals engaging in drug use or sales, or people carrying suspicious packages inconsistent with other transit patrons (e.g. fuel cans, items with exposed wires).

BART encourages riders to employ a vigilant ‘better safe than sorry’ mindset; all reports will be reviewed and acted upon if deemed necessary.   The BART Police Department has provided to the public a variety of options and methods to ensure your concern gets to the right people at the right time.

For example, you should never hesitate to contact BART Police at 510-464-7000 (911 for emergencies).  Passengers may also use the BART Watch smartphone app, or simply reach out to a nearby Station Agent, Train Operator, or other BART employee.  Remember, if you “See Something, Say Something,” no matter how insignificant it may initially appear.  Have a safe and happy Fourth of July weekend!


  • Report trespassers or loiterers, especially near gates or vehicle access points.
  • Report suspicious cars or trucks parked near BART tracks, especially if they are missing vehicle license plates. BART vehicles have “E” plates (government license plates) as well as the BART logo.
  • Report insecure equipment or facilities; all gates and doors should be locked and secure.
  • Report people in restricted areas who are not displaying proper BART ID or wearing appropriate BART-issued safety gear.
  • Report people walking along or crossing BART tracks; BART crews typically wear BART safety vests or clothing that identifies them as BART employees.
  • Report opened gates, holes in fences or missing barbed wire.
  • Report activity at locations outside of hours or days that you would normally observe legitimate BART work.
  • Use the BART Watch app to report suspicious behavior or unattended packages.
  • Be alert for suspicious vehicles or abandoned packages, suitcases or backpacks, and report individuals dropping off suspicious items in a parking lot, station or train.
  • Report individuals carrying unusual items inconsistent with other transit patrons (fuel cans, explosives, items with wires sticking out of it).
  • Report solicitation on BART property.
  • Report the use or sale of narcotics on BART property.
  • Report crimes in progress.