Get informed about Measure RR


Get informed about Measure RR

BART’s $3.5 billion general obligation bond—Measure RR on the November ballot— would help rebuild and upgrade the backbone of the Bay Area transportation system. BART originally carried 100,000 people per week, but now serves roughly 440,000 riders per weekday, and ridership is expected to increase 75% by 2040. The 44-year-old system is showing its age. Reinvestment is necessary to keep BART safe and reliable, to reduce crowding, and to keep cars off the road.

Funds must be spent on specific infrastructure programs:

  • Replace 90 miles of rail that has been severely worn down over 44 years of use;
  • Repair tunnel walls damaged by water;
  • Modernize BART’s 1960s-era electrical infrastructure;
  • Enhance BART’s ability to withstand an earthquake;
  • Prevent breakdowns and delays by replacing antiquated train control systems; and
  • Increase the number of riders the system can carry

The plan also includes funding to improve BART stations by: 

  • Ensuring better access for seniors and people with disabilities;
  • Improving bus connections and secure bicycle parking;
  • Replacing old escalators and elevators; and
  • Protecting riders’ personal safety with improved lighting and security

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