Temporary Parking Changes at Concord Starting April 2017 Update


Temporary Parking Changes at Concord Starting April 2017 Update

This is an update to a previous bulletin

As part of the Plaza improvements at Concord Station, we will need to temporarily close some Fee and relocate some Permit parking spaces at the station. We will post signs 72 hours in advance of removing/relocating spaces.

Starting early in April, we will close off approximately 115 parking spaces in the Fee lot north of the station near Park and Grant streets. This requires that we relocate the Carpool Permit spaces. Please follow the signs(and see map) for the new Carpool Permit spaces south of the station in the lot nearest Oakland Street. This will be the new permanent Carpool parking location.

The contractor will set up a staging area in the Permit lot between Prospect and Atlantic St. to house equipment, supplies, and a trailer. The Permit spaces will be relocated to the lot between Prospect and Laguna streets. There will be no loss of Permit spaces. The relocated spaces will remain Permit parking after construction which will add over 50 new Permit spaces at the station.

The Plaza improvements will result in better lighting, easier access to the BART station, and improved overall appearance, with better access to downtown as well.

There will be signs and BART personnel present to assist when the temporary space closures/relocations take place. During construction, pedestrian access in and around the station may change periodically. Please proceed around construction areas with caution and watch for signs with safety information and other notices.

We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

Questions? You can email the project manager: Wahid Amiri, [email protected]