Alert rider helps BART Police find missing Fremont boy


Alert rider helps BART Police find missing Fremont boy

An alert BART rider helped BART Police reunite a missing boy with his father.  On Tuesday, Feb. 28, the rider noticed a boy, estimated between the ages of 8 and 12, walking erratically on bare feet close to the edge of the trackway at South Hayward Station. 

The rider called out to the boy to get away from the edge and the boy stepped back. 

He also kept his eye on the boy when they both boarded the same San Francisco-bound train.  The rider called BART Police from his cellphone and expressed his concern for the child’s safety. He provided a description of the child and BPD dispatch said they would send an officer to board the train.

As it turned out, Fremont Police had just issued “Be On The Lookout” bulletin for a youth matching the boy’s description.  A BART Police officer met the train at San Leandro Station, contacted the boy’s father, and drove him to be reunited.

The rider who called police wrote into Customer Services to praise the officer:

“Once the officer entered the train, he immediately addressed the boy by his first name. The officers approach was very delicate and comfortable. The officer told the child that everything was going to be okay, ‘I'm going to take you home’. It was a very emotional encounter to witness. I do not know the officer’s name, but whoever he is, he should be recognized and saluted for his involvement in this incident. Not too many people witnessed the incident, but it was very heartwarming and emotional, once it was determined the boy was a missing child, and this officer was the one to rescue him and take him home.”

BART wants to thank this rider for following his gut and calling police. We also want to thank the officer for helping keep the boy calm in what must have been a scary and stressful situation.

BART Police encourages all riders to help keep the BART system safe by remembering, “If you see something, say something.”  For urgent matters on BART dial 911, call 510.464.7000 or use the train intercom at the end of each train car to speak with the train operator. You can also download the BART Watch app that lets you text with dispatch.