BART Safety Tips


BART Safety Tips

To help keep you safe, BART has more than 4,000 working cameras throughout our system and we are increasing
police presence.

Please follow these important safety tips while traveling on BART:

  • Download the free BART Watch App: it lets you send a private text to BART Police dispatch.
  • Save the number for BART Police dispatch in your phone 510-464-7000; when you call 911 there is a delay because CHP will need to transfer your call to BART Police dispatch.
  • Know your train car number: it’s located above the doors on the inside of each end of the train car.
  • Secure or hold your phone, laptop, or purse tightly when waiting on a platform or near train car doors while on trains, especially as doors open.
  • If someone does grab your phone, laptop or bag, don't risk your personal safety, it's not worth it. 
  • Be aware of surroundings and avoid looking distracted, especially while standing near stairs, escalators, and train doors and anywhere suspects can make a quick exit.
  • Don’t sleep on board train cars. 
  • The Train Operator is in the first train car; it’s a great place to sit if you are traveling alone. 
  • If something makes you feel uncomfortable, move to another train car.
  • Avoid getting pickpocketed, purses that zip closed are a good option in crowded places.

Consejos de seguridad de BART

BART 安全需知

Also know that for many crimes, BART Police may need a witness statement in order to make an arrest or take action if our officer didn't actually see the crime.  That means we need you to come forward when our officers board a train asking if someone called police. We also may need you to stay and sign a form explaining what criminal behavior you witnessed and that you are willing to press charges.