New platform emergency call boxes now available at Coliseum Station


New platform emergency call boxes now available at Coliseum Station

As part of the ongoing effort to improve safety and security within the BART system, three emergency call boxes have been installed on the Coliseum Station platform as a pilot program. The three new boxes are located in the middle and each end of the platform.

Each call box has a direct intercom to BART Police dispatch and each is equipped with a camera that is activated whenever the intercom button is pushed.

Installing platform emergency call boxes is among a series of proposals put forward last August by BART General Manager Grace Crunican as part of a comprehensive Safety and Security Action Plan.

The call boxes provide a 9-1-1 style service to riders who do not have a cell phone or cell reception on the platform.  “Riders at Coliseum Station now have another way of immediately reaching BART Police,” said Director Robert Raburn. “Dispatchers will have a real time connection with riders through both audio and camera visuals to better understand what is happening. I'm looking forward to installations at other station platforms.”

The call boxes display a site location notification to the dispatcher and a flashing blue light when activated.

BART stations currently have white courtesy telephones that connect to the station agent booth, but emergency call boxes offer another option for riders and a quicker connection to BART Police.  BART also offers the free BART Watch app that allows riders to discreetly communicate via text with police dispatchers about criminal or suspicious activity.

The success of this platform emergency call box pilot program will drive decisions related to systemwide implementation, which is estimated to cost under $10 million dollars.

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