BART Board of Directors elects Simon President, Foley Vice President


BART Board of Directors elects Simon President, Foley Vice President

Simon Dufty

(Newly elected BART Board President Lateefah Simon (left) presents an award to outgoing BART Board President Bevan Dufty)

The BART Board of Directors held its annual election for leadership positions today, voting Director Lateefah Simon President and Director Mark Foley Vice President.

Director Simon has represented District 7 since 2017, emphasizing justice, equity, and the accessibility of public transit to all communities.

“BART is vital to the Bay Area and the region deserves a world class public transit system,” said Simon.  “I am deeply dedicated to improving service and developing partnerships with local governments and elected officials to provide a holistic approach to the quality of life issues playing out throughout the Bay Area and impacting the BART system and our riders.”  

Vice President Foley, who has represented District 2 since 2018, was similarly optimistic and thankful for the opportunity to serve.

“I’m going to be laser-focused on the rider experience,” said Foley. “Among the things BART must do is to regain the trust of weekend and night riders by providing service that is, first and foremost, safe but also provide service that is clean, cost-effective and reliable. We’re making progress, but we’ve got a ways to go, and I’m going to do my best to make sure we get there.”

The BART Board of Directors elects a President and Vice President each year to perform various parliamentary duties and guide the direction of the Board. Directors Bevan Dufty and Rebecca Saltzman held the respective positions in the previous year.