Face coverings required indoors at BART through 9/13/21


Face coverings required indoors at BART through 9/13/21

June 14, 2021 Update

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has an active Security Directive that requires face coverings for all individuals in indoor areas of public transit facilities and on trains through at least Sept 13, 2021. According to current CDC guidance, persons in outdoor areas of transit stations are encouraged, but not required, to wear a face covering.

Signs have been posted at the entrance of all BART stations about the requirement and timeline.

2/1/21 Update: 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued an Order on January 29, 2021, requiring the public to wear face masks while on transit. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) issued a Security Directive (SD) January 31, 2021 that is effective February 1, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. The SD was issued to enforce the requirements of the CDC Order mandating masks as well as implement President Biden's Executive Order issued on January 21, 2021. 

BART has had a face covering mandate since April 22, 2020 due to local county ordinances. This will continue.

Federal and local county health orders require all riders to wear face coverings inside BART stations and on-board trains.  The local orders require BART to take reasonable measures to remind the public that they need facing coverings and “must take all reasonable steps to prohibit any member of the public who is not wearing a face covering from entering and must not serve that person if those efforts are unsuccessful and seek to remove that person.” Failure to comply with the emergency health order is a misdemeanor.  Enforcement began Wednesday, April 22, 2020.  Prior to the order, most BART riders were already wearing face coverings while riding.  BART will take the following steps to be compliant with the new orders.

All stations have free masks available. See the Station Agent if you need one. Police officers and Ambassadors carry extra masks as well.

Keep mouth and nose coveredPublic Communication

  • Signs with pictograms have been posted in all stations stating:  Face coverings required. Please keep 6 ft apart. Non-medical masks, bandanas, scarves, and cloth can be used.
  • Posters have been placed on board trains, including posters which show how to wear a mask correctly
  • Posters are hung up at all station agent booths noting the requirement and that free masks are available
  • PA announcements inside stations and on-board trains
  • Platform digital sign messages
  • Website updates and social media posts

BART Police Deployment and Enforcement Strategies

BART Police Chief Ed Alvarez recently shifted deployment to focus police resources to the entrances of stations and near the faregates. This strategy was put into place to improve safety for our employees and riders and to prevent illegal behavior from occurring.  Continuing this deployment will help BART enforce the new orders.

BART Police will be responsible for reminding riders of the new requirement.  Consistent with BART’s current operating procedures, Station Agents will not be used to enforce the new public health emergency orders as they are not trained law enforcement personnel.  

BART Police will give verbal reminders of the requirement to riders without face coverings when police encounter someone not covering their mouth and nose.  Police personnel will remind the rider they have the option to use any material to cover their face. Only upon refusal to cover their face with any material will an officer ask the person to leave the system.

Riders should not confront others without a face covering.  If someone isn’t wearing a face covering, riders should move away from the individual. 

BART survey takers are monitoring mask compliance, measuring the number of people who are properly wearing face coverings that cover both mouth and nose at all times. As of December 2020, mask compliance is an average of 92% across all hours of service. BART publishes its mask compliance rate as part of the, "Riding Together, Bay Area Healthy Transit Plan" at http://www.healthytransitplan.com/

The impact of these orders on BART employees and contractors include:

  • Employees and contractors must wear mask/ coverings when:
    • in any BART facility
    • in any BART parking lot or garage
    • in any train (in or out of service)
    • in any District vehicle with others
  • Masks/ coverings are not required but must be readily available (around neck or in pocket) and can be quickly put on if someone enters the room or workspace in these situations:
    • in nonpublic office alone
    • in a breakroom alone
    • on the right of way, including yards and local control, where social distancing is observed (six-foot separation)

The District has distributed N95 and surgical masks to certain specified employees and will distribute surgical or cloth masks to all employees as required to comply with the health order. 

마스크 착용 필수.

6 ft 이상 간격을 유지하세요.

비의료용 마스크, 반다나, 스카프, 천을 사용해도 됩니다.

Se requiere llevar la cara cubierta.

Por favor, mantenga una distancia de 6 pies.

Se pueden usar mascarillas no médicas, pañuelos, bufandas y tela.

Kailangan na may mga pantakip sa mukha.

Maglayo-layo sa agwat na 6 talampakan.

Puwedeng gumamit ng mga non-medical mask, bandana, panyuwelo (scarf), at piraso ng tela.

Cần phải che mặt.

Xin vui lòng giữ khoảng cách 6ft.

Có thể dùng các loại khẩu trang không dành cho y tế, khăn bandana, các loại khăn quàng, và miếng vải.


請保持 6 英尺的距離。


Face coverings required. Non-medical masks, bandanas, scarves, and cloth can be used