SF Downtown Station Entries to Have Underground Surveys Nearby Nov. 2020 to Jan. 2020


SF Downtown Station Entries to Have Underground Surveys Nearby Nov. 2020 to Jan. 2020

Starting November 9, 2020, our contractor will begin digging small holes near the entrances to our Montgomery, Powell, Civic Center, and Embarcadero stations in order to conduct surveys of underground utilities and other structures in preparation for our canopy construction project. The area where the work is being done will be surrounded by a barricade for safety. These should not block access to the entries. Only one entry will be affected at a time. The work hours are Monday – Friday from approximately 7am to 4pm.

During December the work will move to Embarcadero Station to avoid inconvenience to Holiday shoppers.

The contractor will use saws to cut open holes in the sidewalk near escalators over which we will build canopies. They will then use a vacuum truck to remove soil from the hole. This will allow them to make an accurate record of underground utilities and structures that will need to be taken into account during canopy construction. Once the survey is complete, the hole will be filled-in and the sidewalk patched.

Go to the Project page to learn more: www.bart.gov/about/planning/sfentrances

To check escalator status, go to www.bart.gov/escalators.

(To check if an elevator is in service before arriving at a station, please call 510-834-LIFT (510-834-5438) or 888-2-ELEVAT (888-235-3828), or sign up for elevator status alerts at www.bart.gov/elevators. If you arrive at any station and find that the elevator(s) are out of service, you may contact a Station Agent to arrange for a lift van to take you to a nearby station with a working elevator.)

Thank you for your patience as we work to accomplish this important project.