Clipper card now supported on Android


Clipper card now supported on Android

On May 19, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) today launched the Clipper regional transit-fare payment card on Google Pay, and also released a mobile app for easier management of Clipper cards on Android phones. As one of the 24 Bay Area transit agencies who support Clipper, BART fare gate readers now support Clipper payment via Google Pay.

MTC last month introduced Clipper on Apple Pay available on iPhone and Apple Watch.

Clipper on Google Pay gives Android users who ride 24 Bay Area transit systems a contactless way to pay fares on buses, trains and ferries. Customers can add the card directly through Google Pay and load cash value anytime, anywhere. Customers can even set up Autoload in Google Pay to automatically reload when their balance falls low. Riders also can transfer a plastic Clipper card to their Android phone using the Clipper mobile app. Once transferred, the plastic Clipper card can no longer be used to pay for transit.

To pay a fare with Google Pay, riders simply wake their phone, hold it near the Clipper reader and then board the bus, train or ferry. They no longer need to touch a ticket machine or reload a Clipper card at a retailer.

To transfer a plastic card to or create a new card in Google Pay, customers will need to have an Android phone running Android 5 or later.

Transit riders who use cash to load their Clipper cards will need to use a BART, Golden Gate Ferry, Muni or VTA ticket machine; select Caltrain ticket machines; a Clipper Customer Service Center; or a Clipper retailer to add value to Google Pay.