Park at Millbrae Station and take BART to SFO


Park at Millbrae Station and take BART to SFO

BART has recently added more trips serving SFO just in time for summer travel.  Another option to get to SFO via BART is to drive to Millbrae Station and use the BART app to purchase multi-day reserve parking (formerly called airport/long term parking). Then take a quick ride from Millbrae to SFO airport. The official BART app is a convenient way to purchase reserved parking without needing to print out paper permits in advance. Reserve parking is $6.00 per day. To pay for reserved parking on the app, select single/multi-day reserved parking, and add the license plate of the car you plan to drive and phone number to your profile. Make the payment. Park in the Reserved or “Permit” area. There is no need to print anything in advance or display anything inside your car. 

Multi-day reserved parking may be purchased up to one month in advance, and twenty days of parking may be purchased at a time.  Weekends are free.

Save on your BART trip with Clipper

If you are travelling with kids or seniors, be sure to plan ahead and get youth and senior discount Clipper cards in advance. Youth 5-18 years old get 50% off with a youth Clipper card. Seniors age 65 and over get 62.5% off with a Senior Clipper card.

BART is also offering 50% of fares on Clipper for the entire month of September 2021.

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