BART to stop selling all discounted magnetic tickets on December 31, 2021


BART to stop selling all discounted magnetic tickets on December 31, 2021

As part of BART’s transition to offer Clipper as the only fare product available for purchase, BART will stop selling all discounted magnetic stripe tickets starting December 31, 2021, while helping riders transition to the discounted Clipper option.

While BART stopped selling tickets from station vending machines in 2020, BART offers green (seniors 65 and older) and red (disabled/youth) tickets to riders for purchase from the Customer Services Center at the Lake Merritt BART station. 98% of BART riders now use Clipper and sales of tickets dropped 97% at the Lake Merritt Customer Service Center last year.


Clipper offers Youth and Senior Discounted Clipper cards for free and cards are issued by mail or in person immediately with proof of eligibility at a number of locations across the Bay Area, including the Customer Services Center at Lake Merritt Station and the Clipper Customer Service Center at Embarcadero.

Persons with Disabilities

Eligible persons with disabilities can obtain a discount through the Regional Transit Connection (RTC) Clipper Card. BART eliminated the $3 application and renewal fee to obtain the RTC card. Eligible persons with disabilities can process an application for an RTC card at the Customer Services Center at the Lake Merritt Station or other participating transit agencies. BART will offer a grace period after December 31, 2021, and sell up to two red disabled discounted tickets per day to customers whose RTC application is still being processed.

Tickets still accepted

While tickets will no longer be available for purchase, riders are still able to use tickets to enter or exit through fare gates.  Riders are also able to add enough fare to a paper ticket to exit the station using add fare machines located inside the paid area.

BART has moved to a Clipper-only fare payment system because the region has prioritized the use of Clipper as the Bay Area’s all-in-one transit card administered by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

Ticket Refunds

While riders are still able to use tickets to enter or exit through fare gates, we understand some may want to refund their tickets since the balance can't be transferred to a Clipper card.

BART will refund tickets with a remaining value greater than $1.00. 

Riders have 2 options for getting a refund:

1) A Station Agent can help process a ticket refund request. The agent will have you fill out a form and you will provide the agent with your ticket(s) and the agent will send it to BART Treasury. Treasury will mail you a check. This option helps you avoid paying for postage. The refund may take 4-6 weeks to process.

2) Mail the ticket(s) to BART's Treasury Department. Include your name, phone number, and return address and note that you are seeking a refund of your paper ticket(s) due to BART's elimination of paper ticket sales.

Mail it to:

BART Treasury Department
2150 Webster, Oakland, CA 94612
9th floor
Attention: Ticket Refunds

BART’s Treasury Department will then process the refund. You will get a check in the mail at the address you provide. The check may take 4-6 weeks.

Tickets purchased using pre-tax dollars/Commuter Checks are not refundable due to federal restrictions of the Commuter Check program

For more information, call the BART Treasury at (510) 464-6841.