BART to offer special extended service for Halloween and Outside Lands


BART to offer special extended service for Halloween and Outside Lands

In anticipation of what is likely to be a high-ridership weekend BART will be offering special hourly late-night service on Sunday, October 31, 2021 beyond 9pm.

Late night service will be a huge benefit for those who will be celebrating Halloween or attending the final day of the Outside Lands concert in San Francisco. View our article about how to take transit to Outside Lands with specific times of the last trains of the evening from Civic Center Station, which is nearby where both Muni's express buses and the prepaid local shuttle service offered by the Outside Lands will be picking up and dropping off. 

Details of special hourly service after 9pm on Sunday October 31

We will operate one transbay 10 car train an hour which will be timed to meet up with two other trains across the system to serve 48 out of our 50 stations. Trains will not serve the airport stations (OAK and SFO) but will stop at all other stations.

Extended service details:

  • Only the Yellow line (Millbrae to Antioch) will run transbay. Riders heading from San Francisco towards Richmond, Berryessa, and Dublin will need to transfer. The train will not serve SFO.
  • Southbound Yellow line (Antioch to Millbrae) trains will run to Millbrae, stopping at all stations except SFO.
  • The Blue line will operate from Bay Fair to Dublin only (If travelling from San Francisco, Dublin-bound riders need to transfer at 12th Street to a Berryessa (Orange line) bound train and then transfer to a Dublin (Blue line) train at Bay Fair to complete their trip. These transfers will be timed meets to reduce travel time.
  • The Orange line (Richmond to Berryessa) will also run hourly to coincide with the other trains. Riders coming from San Francisco who need to transfer to a Richmond-bound train will do so at MacArthur; riders who need to transfer to a Berryessa-bound train (or Dublin) will do so at 12th Street. These transfers will be timed meets to reduce travel time. BART to OAK service will not be operating after regular BART hours.

PDF timetables of the hourly service:

Antioch to Millbrae (Yellow)
Millbrae to Antioch (Yellow)
Berryessa to Richmond (Orange)
Richmond to Berryessa (Orange)
Bay Fair to Dublin (Blue) shuttle 
Dublin to Bay Fair (Blue) shuttle

Please note, this service will be operated using train operators taking voluntary overtime shifts and therefore it is subject to availability. BART will also ask for volunteer shifts to add event trains to the schedule to have even more service after 9pm. These trains could be brought in as large crowds for Outside Lands arrive at Civic Center Station after 9pm. But these extra trains will be subject to available train operators.

We've added these trips to the BART Trip Planner. We will make the special schedule available to third party apps, but we can’t guarantee third party apps will upload the special service schedule. All added trips will show up in Real Time Departures on and the official BART app.

Special Extended Halloween Service

Tips for riding

  • Masks are required at BART, even if fully vaccinated.
  • BART Parking is free after 3pm on Friday and is free on Saturday and Sunday except for the Milpitas and Berryessa/North San Jose stations, which are not operated by BART.
  • To save time and hassle, it is recommended you get a Clipper card in advance with round trip fare loaded.  You can add Clipper to your mobile wallet and pay for BART fares with Google Pay and Apple Pay. All riders can immediately load funds through their wallet to their Clipper card.

Background on midnight service and why we currently close at 9pm on Sundays

BART has been offering service until midnight Monday through Saturday since August 2, but those extended hours have not been in place on Sundays. BART has already committed to bringing midnight service back to Sundays permanently in February 2022.

BART service has been operating only until 9pm on Sundays throughout the pandemic. BART has used the earlier closing time on Sundays to advance critical rebuilding projects including the replacement of traction power cables in the heart of downtown San Francisco to ensure trains have a reliable source of electricity.

Speaking of Halloween, we have BART themed pumpkin carving stencils

*This article was originally posted 10/15/21 and is being updated.