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The train platforms at Oakland International Airport Station are located on a raised platform two levels above the street. The first raised platform is the BART Coliseum Station for the Warm Springs/South Fremont, Dublin/Pleasanton bound trains or San Francisco, Richmond bound trains. Concourse level is on the street level.

If going to Oakland International Airport (OAK) from another city on BART, you may need to transfer heading to the Warm Springs/South Fremont bound train. Check the BART System Map information.

The street elevator is approximately 100 feet heading North from the paid area. Press “P” for train platform level.

Exiting the street elevator on the first platform, follow the signs to Oakland International Airport (OAK) on the opposite end of the platform. Press “P” for train platform level.

At the second raised train platform level, there is a slight uphill where the paid area is located. Inside the paid area, travel approximately 55 feet to the pedestrian overpass to the center of the train platform to board the train.

Travel time from Coliseum BART Station to Oakland International Airport (OAK) is about eight minutes.

Inside the paid area at Oakland International Airport (OAK), take the elevator down to the street level and you will be right in front of Terminal 1 and a short walk to Terminal 2.