Office of Civil Rights - Work Plans

The work plans (GEC) page has been created to further transparency in the issuance of work plans under the District’s General Engineering Services On-Call Agreements. All approved work plans will be posted on this web page and shall include the following information: name of Prime, subconsultant team, scope of work and work plan value.


6M8119 (AECOM / TSE)



6M8119A1 - Concord Station Improvements (170914).pdf

6M8119A02-01 - HMC Central Warehouse and Substation F - Standby Power (170927).pdf



6M8119A03 - Lake Merritt Plaza Improvements – Phase 1 (171012).pdf

6M8119A05-01 - Hayward Maintenance Complex Main Shop Renovation and Turntable Relocation (171128).pdf

6M8119A06-01 - Downtown Berkeley Southern Concourse Entrance Reopening (171003).pdf

6M8119A07 - HMC Maintenance and Engineering Shop Building (171107).pdf

6M8119A08-01 - Systems Support for New Vehicle VATC (171027).pdf

6M8119A10-01 - Switch Power Cabinet Replacement (171109).pdf

6M8119A11-01 - Balboa Park Phase 2 – Design Services During Construction (DSDC)(171220).pdf

6M8119B01-01 - High Density Transit Station CCTV Tunnel Hardening at BART (171003).pdf

6M8119B02-01- M-Line Cable ReplacementMVS-MGP-MBP (171213).pdf

6M8119B3 - Security Engineering Services (171003).pdf

6M8119B04 -This Work Plan covers the final design and contract documents for the 34.5kV cables and Fiber Optic (171219).pdf

6M8119B05-01 - A-Line Cable Replacement ANA-ACO (171219).pdf

6M8119B06-01 - 34.5KV Cable Replacements for MLC & MRC Circuits between MVS & MTW Substations (171213).pdf

6M8119B09-01 - BART Facility Standard Traction Power Support Services (171003).pdf

6M8119B10 - Engineering Services to Support Computer Systems (171020).pdf

6M8119B12 - Measure RR Traction Power Facility Replacements (171109).pdf

6M8119B14 - NS MUX (171201).pdf

6M8119B15 - Concrete Scanning and Detection Services for M-Line and K-Line Traction Power Projects (171128).pdf

6M8119C01 - Asset Planning Data and Modeling Supports (171103).pdf




6M8119A03-02 - Lake Merritt Plaza - Phase 2 (180213).pdf

6M8119A04-02 - Lake Merritt Transit Operations Facility – Phase 2 (180206).pdf

6M8119A12-01 - Real Time Display Lifecycle Replacement (180123).pdf

6M8119B11-01 - Wayside Sign Inventory (180109).pdf



6M8119A1-02 - Concord Intermodal Improvements (180410).pdf

6M8119B16 - Systemwide Track Switch Speed and MUX Assessment (180504).pdf




6M8119A11-02 - Balboa Park Phase 2 – Design Services During Construction (DSDC)(180703).pdf

6M8119A14-01 - SVBX Support Services (180814).pdf

6M8119B13-01 - OEG DSDC, Monitoring and Control System Support (180904).pdf

6M8120 (HNTB / FMG)





6M8120A01 - Supplemental Design Services During Construction (DSDC) (171107).pdf

6M8120B01 - Power Transformer Replacement at Willow Pass Road (171114).pdf

6M8120B02 - Oakland Shops Spur Track G Spur Extension (171219).pdf

6M8120C01 - eBART Operations FY 2018 (171201).pdf




6M8120A02 - Balboa Park Station Kiss and Ride Preliminary Design (180207).pdf

6M8120A03 - Accessibility Improvement Program (AIP) Phase 1A (180207).pdf

6M8120B04 - K Line Interlocking Replacement (180105).pdf

6M8120B05 - Train Control Engineering Support Services (180228).pdf

6M8120B06 - Cast Coil Transformer Replacement (180102).pdf

6M8120B07 - Project Management and Technical Support Services (180202).pdf

6M8120B08 - 34.5 kV Blocking System Phase II Design (180223).pdf

6M8120B09 - Conduit Testing (180320).pdf

6M8120B10 - Train Control Engineering (180223).pdf



6M8120A01-02 - El Cerrito Supplemental DSDC (180518).pdf

6M8120A04 - Elevator Lobby LED Lighting Improvements (180412).pdf

6M8120A05 - TCMP and CBTC CADD Support (180404).pdf

6M8120B11 - C-Line (CLA – CCO) 34.5 kV Cable Replacement (180515).pdf

6M8120B12 - Wayside Coverboard Antennas (180425).pdf

6M8120B18 - Water Intrusion thru Trackway and Platform Joints at 8 Stations along A-Line (180614).pdf

6M8120B19 - Replacement of Hanger Rods at Catwalks at A-Line (180515).pdf

6M8120B20 - Cross Passage Doors Condition Inspection (180619).pdf

6M8120B22 - Structures Projects Integration Team (180508).pdf



6M8120A01-03 - El Cerrito Supplemental DSDC – Amendment 2 (180718).pdf

6M8120A03-3 - Accessibility Improvement (AIP) – Phase 2 (180831).pdf

6M8120A06-01 - BART Earthquake Safety Program DSDC for TBT (180718).pdf

6M8120B02-02 - Oakland Shops Spur Track G Spur Extension Supplemental Work Plan (180921).pdf

6M8120B04-02 - K-Line Interlocking Replacement Phase I - Amendment 1 (180815).pdf

6M8120B13 - K-Line 34.5 kV Ductbank Replacement (180807).pdf

6M8120B15 - R-Line Tunnel Water Mitigation (180803).pdf

6M8120B16 - M-Line Tunnel Water Mitigation (180803).pdf

6M8120B18 - Water Intrusion thru Trackway and Platform Joints at 7 Stations along C & R Lines(180814).pdf

6M8120B23 - Removal of Existing Train Control Cables (180711).pdf

6M8120B24 - M&E As Needed Landscape Architecture (180727).pdf

6M8120C01-02 - eBART Program Management Services (180717).pdf

6M8120C03 - Amtrak Oakland Maintenance Facility Diesel Exhaust Fluid System (180731).pdf



6M8120B3 - Next Gen Fare Gates (181010).pdf


6M8121 (Parsons Transportation Group)




6M8121A01 - UT RFP Development (171219).pdf

6M8121A02 - Schedule Review of RFP language and Admin Software (171115).pdf

6M8121A03 - Caldecott Tunnel Creep Repair (180313).pdf

6M8121A04 - Fremont Line (A Line) Operability Study (180313).pdf

6M8121B01 - Design Engineering Services for Measure RR Traction Power (171207).pdf

6M8121B02 - A-Line Interlocking Track Replacement A-65 and A-75 (171219).pdf




6M8121B05 - Slope Stabilization near Camino Diablo Road and MOW 12 15TC002 (190118).pdf

6M8121C01 - Program Oversight for Digital Strategy (180125).pdf



6M8121B04 - 34.5kV and Fiber Optic Replacement on C-Line from Rockridge to (180508).pdf

6M8121C.02-01 - Design Engineering Services for Measure RR Traction Power (180518).pdf



6M8121A05 - Transbay Tube Waterproofing Retrofit Design Support Services (180809).pdf

6M8121B03 - Market Street Grate Rehabilitation (180725).pdf


6M8122 (PGH Wong)








6M8122A01 - HMC M&E Shop Improvement (180201).pdf

6M8122A02 - Design Support During Construction (180328).pdf

6M8122B01 - Traction Power Control renovation and Multifunction Protection Relay Installation (180214).pdf

6M8122B02 - Value Engineering Services for Traction Power (180313).pdf



6M8122A02-02 - DSDC for Fruitvale and Coliseum Stations; Caldecott Tunnel; A-Line Seismic Operatbility (180529).pdf

6M8122A03 - Platform Edge Doors (180404).pdf

6M8122A04 - D u b l i n -P l e a s a n t o n P a r k i n g R e c o n f i g u r a t i o n (180508).pdf

6M8122A05 - HMC Phase 2 Track Procurement (180621).pdf

6M8122B03 - Design Services During Construction C35 Interlocking Renewal Project (180525).pdf

6M8122B05-01 - Reversible Controllable Rectifier (RCR) Traction Power Substation Equipment (180529).pdf

6M8122B08 - Turntable Replacement at Concord Yard (OCY) and Richmond Yard (ORY) - Final Design (180508).pdf

6M8122B09 - Conventional Portable Substation Procurement (180626).pdf

6M8122B11 - Geotech Support Services (180522).pdf

6M8122B13 - Tunnel Lighting Upgrade (180614).pdf



6M8122A07 - BART Hayward Maintenance Complex (HMC) Phase 2 Civil Grading (180814).pdf

6M8122A08 - DSDC Services for the BART Earthquake Safety Program Transbay Tube (TBT) Internal Retrofit Project (180809).pdf

6M8122B12 - Aerial Structure Fall Protection Design (A Line)(180802).pdf

6M8122B15 -BART A77 Interlocking Renewal Project (180925).pdf

6M8122B16 - Elevator Modernization Project (180713).pdf




6M8122A12 - BART Tail Track Extension Project (181002).pdf

6M8122B17 - BART Tailtrack Extension Project (Lafayette) Final Design (181004).pdf

6M8123 (STV)





6M8123B01 - TPSS Measure RR Project Management Design Oversight (171205).pdf




6M8123B02 - Engineering Services for BART Operations Communications Systems (180313).pdf

6M8123B03 - Infrastructure State-of-Good-Repair (180313).pdf

6M8123B04 - Civic Center Station New Scissor Stairs (180130).pdf

6M8123B05 - 34.5kV Cable Replacement A-Line ANA-ACO Substations (180227).pdf

6M8123B06 - Design Engineering Services for Traction Power(180302).pdf

6M8123B09 - Sewage Pump Replacement Design (180313).pdf

6M8123B10 - RotoClone Replacement Design (180321).pdf

6M8123B11 - Facilities HVAC Equipment Replacement System Wide Final Design (180321).pdf



6M8123B07 - Design Engineering Services for Traction Power (180417).pdf

6M8123B12 - Design Engineering Services for Traction Power (180410).pdf



6M8123A01 - DSDC for Powell Street Station Modernization Project Phase 1.pdf

6M8123B05-02 - 34.5kV Cable Replacement A-Line ANA-ACO Substations (180227).pdf

6M8123B08 - M&E Corrosion Engineering Services at ORY, OCY, OBY, and OKS (180815).pdf

6M8123B17 - Fire Life Safety Engineering Support (180921).pdf



6M8123B18 - Acting Director Fire Life Safety (181002).pdf


6M8124 (WSP)



6M8124A01 - TBT Pump System Upgrades DSDC (170912).pdf

6M8124A02 - Core Capacity Program Management Support (Engineering Phase)(170929).pdf

6M8124B01 - Station Service SOP Development and Implementation (170922).pdf

6M8124B02 - Capital Asset Renewal Program Support (170919).pdf

6M8124B03 - Weather Protection of Traction Power Facility Enclosure Walls (170919).pdf

6M8124B04 - M03 Interlocking Renewal DSDC (170919).pdf

6M8124B05 - Support for Train Control Engineering Division (170929).pdf

6M8124B06 - Benefit Cost Analyses (170922).pdf

6M8124B7 - Traction Power BFS Updates and Design Workshops (1710926).pdf



6M8124A03 - 24th Street Break Room DSDC (171010).pdf

6M8124A04 - Iron Horse Trail Final Design (171130).pdf

6M8124B08 - 34.5 kV Cable Replacement and Fiber Optic Cable Installations (171005).pdf

6M8124B10 - Measure RR TP-010 Traction Power Facility Replacements (171102).pdf

6M8124B11 - Geotechnical Engineering Oversight Peer Review (171101).pdf

6M8124B12 - Traction Power Preventative Maintenance (171128).pdf

6M8124B13 - Track Department Engineering Support (171220).pdf




6M8124A05 SFTS MB DSDC (180103).pdf

6M8124B14 - Berkeley Hills Tunnels Lining Surface Treatment DSDC (180104).pdf



6M8124A03-02 - 24th Street Break Room Additional DSDC (180529).pdf

6M8124A05-02 - Continued SFTS MB DSDC (180529).pdf

6M8124A6 - El Cerrito del Norte Station Design Services during (180515).pdf

6M8124B08-02 - 34.5 kV Cable Replacement and Fiber Optic (180529).pdf

6M8124B9 - MMS and MCC TPSS Final Design and Bid Support (180410).pdf

6M8124B15 - Transbay Tube (TBT) Tunnel Lighting Upgrade (180601).pdf



6M8124B08-3 - 34.5 kV Cable and Fiber Optic Cable Installation along the A and R Lines (180821).pdf