Bay Fair Access and Development

January 2011


Last year, the Safe Routes to Transit Grant Program awarded funding for safety and security improvements prioritized in the Bay Fair BART Station Area Improvement Plan, which was the result of a year-long community planning process.  This set of improvements is part of the Bay Fair BART Safety and Security Improvement Project.  The grant program is funded by the Regional Measure 2 bridge tolls and sponsored by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, TransForm and East Bay Bicycle Coalition.  In addition to the grant funding, the City of San Leandro is making a cash contribution to the Project.  With this funding, BART will be making the following station improvements:

  • AC Transit Bus Area: enhanced lighting, wayfinding signage, bus windscreen removal
  • Pedestrian Bridge: new lamp post, wayfinding signage, new fencing and crosswalk/walkway treatment
  • Pedestrian Underpass: enhanced lighting, wayfinding signage
  •  Bike Improvements: bike sharrows on Thornally Drive

Also, here is the current Project schedule:

  • Design/Environmental - Winter 2010/2011
  • Contractor Selection (Advertise & Award) - Spring 2011
  •  Construction - Summer 2011
  •  Completion - Fall 2011

Another update will be provided closer to the completion of this Project.

Bay Fair BART Station Area Improvement Plan

During the Bay Fair BART TOD & Access Plan process, the issues of personal safety and security emerged as the biggest concern for the Bayfair community and BART patrons alike.  Subsequently, BART partnered with the City of San Leandro, Alameda County, AC Transit, Bayfair Center and to the community to create a plan that would address these issues around the BART station.  The recently completed Bay Fair BART Station Area Improvement Plan (SAIP) recommended and prioritized safety and security improvements for public agencies and a potential developer to implement.  Some of these improvements included security cameras, lighting, landscaping, design treatments and site management procedures to increase pedestrian activities and visual presence and to reduce hiding places. 


  • Final Bay Fair Station Area Improvement Plan - August 2009. Full report (23MB). Please contact Tim Chan to receive an electronic copy of this Plan.

Bay Fair BART TOD & Access Plan

BART received funding from Caltran's Community-Based Transportation Planning Grant to prepare a plan around the Bay Fair BART station area.  The plan explored Transit Oriented Development (TOD) opportunities, as well as identified and recommended access improvements.  BART and the City of San Leandro also contributed funding for this effort. 

BART partnered in this collaborative process with the City of San Leandro, Alameda County, Bayfair Center and AC Transit.  The plan area encompasses a half-mile radius around the station and borders the southern edge of the City and the unincorporated County area of Ashland.

The Plan was required to be completed by March 30, 2007.  At that time, the Plan presented and evaluated three alternative options under consideration.  However, further analyses and input are needed in order to select a preferred concept down the line.  The project partners will continue to lead this effort, and the community will remain engaged throughout this process.

To date, they continue to have discussions about the project's development, funding sources, shared parking and community amenities.  Project updates will be provided on this webpage when new information becomes available.


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