El Cerrito del Norte Station Modernization

ECDN rendering

Rendering of the proposed expanded station at El Cerrito del Norte and Ohlone Greenway.


BART is working to upgrade and expand El Cerrito del Norte BART Station to relieve crowding, improve accessibility, reduce fare evasion, and enhance the customer experience.

Building off of the El Cerrito del Norte Station Modernization Plan, construction is currently underway on the following improvements:

  • Expansion of the paid area of the station, including a new station agent booth and new fare gates
  • Two new elevators and stairwells within the paid area providing access to the platform
  • New passenger restrooms
  • New public art installations
  • New LED energy-efficient lighting throughout the station
  • Accessibility (ADA) improvements throughout the station.
  • Adding stormwater pollution solutions

Addressing Stormwater Pollution with Bioswales

Cars are a main source of water pollution in the Bay Area. That’s because leaking fluids like oil and particles from exhaust and other contaminants end up on our roads and then are washed untreated into storm drains that lead directly into our waterways. Birds, fish, and other animals are then exposed to the pollutants.

We are committed to protecting those waterways--that is why we are putting in two Bioswale areas in the Station parking lots. The purpose of a Bioswale is to hold stormwater runoff & to protect local waterways from stormwater pollutants. Shrubs are planted along the Bioswale perimeters & hydroseed mix with vegetation is added to the remaining areas within Bioswale.

1st  Bioswale is located between sidewalk along the east edge of west permit parking area & bus drive aisle. The area is about 10’(W)x360’(L) from Hill St towards Cutting Blvd

2nd Bioswale is located along the west edge of west permit parking area & along the east side of San Pablo Ave NB. The area is about 10’(W)x200’(L) from Hill St towards Cutting Blvd

Learn more about our efforts to prevent storm water pollution at  https://www.bart.gov/sustainability/water

Project Completion Timing

Phase 1 completion is estimated for February/March 2021

Phase 2 Substantial Completion is estimated for summer 2021

These improvements are funded through a combination of State of California Proposition 1B Funds, Contra Costa County Measure J funds, and other funds. The project is being coordinated closely with the City of El Cerrito's Ohlone Greenway BART Station Area Access, Safety and Placemaking Improvements project.

Construction Updates

Passenger Bulletin: August/September 2018 Temporary Access Changes at El Cerrito del Norte due to Construction

El Cerrito del Norte Station Modernization Plan

In 2013, BART completed a Station Modernization Plan for both El Cerrito del Norte and El Cerrito Plaza BART stations, providing a long-term vision for improvements that can be phased in over time at each station as funding becomes available. The Plan addresses station functionality, safety, capacity, sustainability, appearance, and customer experience. El Cerrito del Norte was selected for implementation first due to the station's higher ridership and importance as a regional transportation hub.

For more information, view the final report here:

El Cerrito Plaza and del Norte Station Modernization Plans - 2013 (PDF)

Please contact BART Project Manager Wahid Amiri at wamiri@bart.gov with any questions.

Station Modernization Plan

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