Station Wireless Services

Rider in a BART station with a phoneBART is working to improve cell phone connectivity and provide seamless Wi-Fi, with a strong signal and broadband at all BART stations, even underground stations. Currently cell coverage and app functionality are limited at some underground stations, especially during crowded conditions.  

This project is scheduled to be completed at all stations by fall 2024.  

BART has prioritized the four downtown San Francisco stations to come online first: Powell St., Montgomery St., Embarcadero, and Civic Center.

We will publish station by station timelines once they are finalized to keep you posted on when you can expect Wi-Fi at the stations you use. Installation will not impact train service.  

BART also plans to install new technology to allow for a more personalized experience while using BART. For example, this technology enhances the indoor navigation experience by providing a highly accurate alternative to GPS indoors while using apps. That means you will be able to use navigational apps to easily locate the platform, a preferred exit, the elevator, the bathrooms, the Station Agent, or the bike racks. Within a future enhancement to the BART App, this technology could be used to generate localized proximity alerts, such as an elevator or escalator alert at the station a rider is at, or an updated arrival alert for a train a rider is waiting for.  

This technology gives BART insights into foot traffic and crowding levels on a platform or escalator or other areas.