Digital Swag Bag

Welcome to our Not One More Girl digital swag bag. Enjoy this curated collection developed by youth leaders and Not One More Girl community leaders. Due to COVID-19, we know we will not be able to connect with our whole community and wanted to share this offering with you as a small way to say thank you for trusting us to lead this work.

Free Downloadables

Not One More Girl Zine

zine was designed by Kathy Liang to share resources for sexual harassment and gender-based violence on BART. Print it out and the look up on the internet or You-Tube how to fold and cut a zine to make it into a mini-book. Basically you fold it and make a cut at the dashed line in the middle so when you open the paper it will have a slit in the middle. Then you fold the paper lengthwise (along the crease that has the slit). Hold the paper at either end with the cut at the top, then push the ends in toward each other. The sections should fold into each other to form an eight-page booklet.

Download the zine.

Zine Cover Zine back page

Zine Cover Page                                                                                  Zine back page


Spotify Playlists

These playlists were created by youth leaders Sienna, Naomi, and DeJa of the Not One More Girl initiative.

Curated Not One More Girl Music Playlist- Empowerment
Curated Not One More Girl Music Playlist- Healing

Radical Visions of Safety Coloring Book

Coloring book

Printable PDF of coloring book

Getting Help for Gender-Based Violence or Sexual Harassment on BART Hand Out

PDF of English hand out 
CÓMO OBTENER AYUDA en caso de violencia de género o acoso sexual en BART
舊金山灣區捷運局 (BART) 呼籲:在捷運內發 生性别暴力或性騷擾時,請伸出援手。

Accessible PDF of "Getting help for gender-based violence or sexual harassment on BART" is included on this webpage

Accessible PDF of "Getting help for gender-based violence or sexual harassment on BART" is included on this webpage

Virtual Backgrounds 1280x72 

Virtual Background Just Don't Do It

Virtual Background Silence Is Not Consent

Virtual Background Eyes Off Hands Off Shut It Down

Campaign Posters

PDF of Silence Is Not Consent Poster
PDF of Eyes Off. Hands Off. Shut It Down. Poster
PDF of Just Don't Do It Poster


Bystander Intervention Tutorial Video 
Self Defense Toolkit By Malikah
Radical Visions of Safety for Girls by Girls Alliance for Girls Report 
Alliance for Girls Member Organizations Directory 


"Where Safety Lies" : Spoken Word Poem by Eden Meseret
Wellness Journal Prompts
Affirmations for Girls 
Healing meditation by Shine