BART adds the prohibition of sexual harassment to the customer code of conduct


BART adds the prohibition of sexual harassment to the customer code of conduct

Today the BART Board of Directors voted to amend the Customer Code of Conduct to include the prohibition of sexual harassment.  BART Board President Mark Foley requested the amendment following the launch of the #NotOneMoreGirl initiative and to send a clear message that sexual harassment has no place on BART.

BART has partnered with Alliance for Girls (AFG), and its members including Betti Ono, Black Girls Brilliance, The Unity Council’s Latinx Mentorship and Achievement Program, among other members to launch the Not One More Girl campaign which centers girls and gender expansive youth to combat gender-based violence and sexual harassment on transit. 

As part of the Not One More Girl initiative, BART added a question to its ongoing on-board rider survey asking riders if they have experienced sexual harassment on BART in the previous six months. The results from the latest reporting period (October-December 2020) showed 10% of riders responded “yes”.

The campaign leaders presented BART with recommendations on how to advance this work to make BART safer and more welcoming to women, girls, gender-expansive youth and people of color, including updating the Customer Code of Conduct.

Not One More Girl Steps Taken to Date:

  1. Added a new sexual harassment BART Watch reporting category.
  2. Added sexual harassment occurrences to BART’s Passenger Environment Survey.
  3. Launched new resource website outlining the step by step process of reporting and offering a variety of support options.
  4. Filmed and released a bystander intervention training video.
  5. Produced a colorable resource zine created by youth artist.
  6. Deployed 300 in train and 50 station posters calling out sexual harassment.
  7. Curated community engagement using narrative, art, digital and cultural strategy to connect with those impacted by GBV and allies, including online events.
  8. Worked with BART Human Resources to give guidance on developing a new program to hire youth panelist to serve on hiring panels of new unarmed safety staff.