Twitter Favorites

We’re excited to have hundreds of Twitter users following us and want to show our appreciation for all the tweets about things they hear, see and do on BART. Their tweets about BART help us better understand what’s important to riders and give us ideas for destinations and activities we can recommend to others. Some of the best are like tiny little stories (140 characters or fewer!) about personal experiences, or the sense of being part of a community. They’ve made us think and made us smile.

We’ll occasionally reward some of our favorite tweets with a $25 BART promotional ticket. There’s not a lot of fine print to that, but here's the basic FAQ:

      Q. Who’s eligible?
      A.  Twitter users who tweet about BART. No BART employees or family members.

      Q. How often will you pick a favorite?
      A. We’re starting with one every couple of weeks to see what the response is. There is no deadline since it’s 
           an ongoing thing, and we reserve the right to stop awarding promotional tickets at any time.

      Q. What will I have to do to get the ticket if you choose my tweet as a favorite?
      A.  We’ll contact you via direct-message and ask for the vital info that we need for recordkeeping on
            promotional tickets (Name, address, phone, etc). We’ll mail the ticket to you after you provide the info.

      Q. What will you do with my tweet?
      A.  We'll tweet at about picking yours as a favorite and include it in the
            "seen and heard on BART" section of our website. You can get more information at
    about adjusting the settings that control who can see your Twitter updates.
             Find out more about how BART is using Twitter at our general Twitter FAQ.