Send Us Your Pictures

Bike commuter       Downtown Berkeley BART Station      Jumping at MacArthur BART Station

You've got a good eye and we want to use it! If you're a customer making your way through BART, there's no specific prohibition on taking a photo in public areas. So break out the camera phone (or buy that digital SLR outfit you've been drooling over) and send us your best BART photo for a chance to be featured on the BART website (like on one of our popular station pages), our Twitter feed or our Facebook page. We've had a lot of great feedback from customers who appreciate and enjoy connecting with BART and each other by sharing their photos, so give it a try!

REMEMBER: always follow the safety and security rules and the rules governing photography when you're in and around the BART system. If you see an urgent security, safety or hazardous issue this is not the place to report it: you should immediately dial 911, call (510) 464-7000, use the train intercom or contact a station agent.

We may not be able to use all the photos we receive, but those we use will be subject to these Terms and Conditions.

  • Use Flickr (preferred!)
    Upload images to your Flickr Account under a Creative Commons license that allows us to use it. Don't forget to add a good description or title saying where and when you took it. Then shoot us an email at [email protected] to let us know the URL.  If we use your shot, we'll link back to your collection.
  • Email an attachment
    Email your photo to [email protected]. This is also a great way to send an image directly from your camera phone. And don't forget to tell us some details like where and when you took it.


Photo credits: Bicycle commuter by Gino, Berkeley BART Station by Hortulus, Jumping at MacArthur BART Station by Kaytayqt