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Irvington Station Art Program March 22, 2021 Webinar Recording Now Available

On March 22, 2021, BART and the City of Fremont held a webinar to get community input on the Irvington BART Station Art Program. The recording of that webinar can be accessed here

BART Selects Rebeca Méndez as Artist for Irvington Station

An artist selection panel, which included representatives from the City of Fremont, BART and members of the Bay Area art community, recently selected Rebeca Méndez as the artist for Irvington Station. Examples of her previous work can be found at https://rebecamendez.com/.

As Ms. Méndez begins to develop concepts for the station artwork, BART and the City of Fremont will host a virtual meeting to provide an opportunity for the community to “meet” Ms. Méndez and to share feedback about the Irvington/Fremont community.

Announcements for the community meeting will be posted on the City of Fremont and BART’s project websites. Feedback from the meeting will allow Ms. Méndez to develop a greater understanding of the function and use of the station and its connection to the community; consider any physical, social, cultural, biological or geographic aspects of the site and/or the community that may inspire the theme, content or concept of the artwork; and provide the community and stakeholders with information about the artist and her approach to art making.

Irvington Station: Project Background
The Irvington BART Station will be located at the intersection of Washington Boulevard and Osgood Road, approximately halfway between the existing Fremont BART Station and the Warm Springs/South Fremont BART Station. The Irvington Station will be a neighborhood-friendly station which prioritizes pedestrian, bicycle and shared mobility access, including integration with the East Bay Greenway. More information about the Irvington Station project can be found at https://www.bart.gov/about/projects/wsx/news and https://fremont.gov/2977/Irvington-BART-Station.

In keeping with the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) guidelines to incorporate art into mass transit projects, BART commissioned artwork from professional artists for the Warm Springs / South Fremont Station and for the concrete seating areas at the Fremont Station. The goals of the BART Warm Springs Extension (WSX) Art Program are to provide a unique identity for the new station and to attract riders by creating more vibrant and welcoming stations.

Warm Springs / South Fremont Station - "Sky Cycles" by Artist Catherine Widgery

Warm Springs / South Fremont Station Rotunda

Catherine Widgery's "Sky Cycles" weaves images from differing times of day, times of year, and points of view into large expanses of art glass in the entrance rotunda. The artist's goal is to create artwork that is never the same from any place or time of day. Patrons will find different details and combinations of colors and light each time they visit the station. Fremont's lakes, hills and city skyline serve as the inspiration for the abstract images in the station's concourse curtain walls. Learn more about artist Catherine Widgery.

The Warm Springs / South Fremont Station was recognized as one of CodaWorx Top 100 Design Projects in 2018. Learn more about the award here.

Fremont Station - "Tile Benches" by Joe Kievitt

Fremont Station Tile Bench Artwork

Two arrays of benches near the west entrance of the Fremont Station have undergone decorative treatment as part of the WSX Art Program. The Fremont Station bench artwork consists of glass tile mosaics installed on the walls, columns, and roof undersides of the seating area. The artist's goal is to create a positive first image of the station and to provide a cheerful welcome to the City of Fremont. The bench array artwork was dedicated on July 23, 2014. 

For more information about the BART Warm Springs Extension project visit www.bart.gov/wsx.


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