GTFS-Real Time

Important Announcement: GTFS-RT data missing for Antioch and Pittsburg Center Stations

January 18, 2019

Real time departures for BART to Antioch stations are not currently available in BART’s GTFS-RT feed.

Data from the new BART to Antioch system does not include a unique ID that is coordinated with schedule. As a result, we’re unable to generate real time departure predictions in GTFS-RT format for both Antioch and Pittsburg Center stations. This issue affects BART GTFS-RT only. The ‘etd’ command in the BART API and real time departure services on are unaffected.

BART engineering and scheduling teams are coordinating with the BART to Antioch project to implement a solution. We do not have a timeline yet, but we will update you as soon as we know more here, on the BART Developers email list and the BART Developers Google Group.

BART worked with Google and an international partnership of transit agencies to create a standard, lightweight way to describe real time arrivals and service advisories. The resulting General Transit Feed Specification - Real Time is built with the General Transit Feed Specification in mind, so if you're already using BART's GTFS Schedules you're good to go!

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