Checklist for Document Submittal (M/WBE Certification)


1. Proof of U.S. citizenship or lawfully admitted permanent resident for all owners and officers of your firm.

2. Proof of ethnicity for all minority owners and officers of your firm.

3. Work experience resumes (that include places of ownership/employment with corresponding dates), for all owners and officers of your firm.

4. Local business tax registration, business license, Fictitious Business Name Statement, and licenses such as a contractor’s license, architectural license, or engineer’s license. 

5. Other documents as required.


1. Partnership agreement including the following major clauses:
    a) Buy out rights
    b) Profit sharing plan
    c) Capital contribution agreement
2. Other documents as required.


1. Articles of incorporation, By-laws, copies of stock certificates issued (not a specimen copy), proof of stock purchase and minutes of the following meetings:
     a) Organization meetings
     b) Shareholder meetings for the past 36 months
     c) Board of Directors’ meetings for the past 24 months
2. Copies of agreements related to:  stock options, shareholder voting rights, ownership agreements, and ownership of voting securities, facts pertaining to the value of shares and restrictions on the disposal stock loan agreements.