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Small Business Support Services

BART's Office of Civil Rights is providing a new service, Pre-Award and Post-Award Small Business Support Services (SBSS) to increase participation for small businesses, minority and women-owned businesses on construction contracts. In December 2018 BART partnered with The Allen Group, and their team of subject matter experts, to implement a District-wide SBSS Program. The goals of the Programs are to:

  • Increase the pool of qualified small businesses bidding on, and winning BART Contracts;
  • Provide support to increase the capacity for small businesses; and
  • Provide Technical Assistance to small businesses.

Small Business Support Services (Not limited to)


  • SBE/SB/DEB Certification Assistance
  • Facilitating Relationships between Prime/Subcontractors
  • Developing Curriculums including but not limited to: Interpreting Plans & Specifications; Estimating/Costing; Safety; Bid Preparation; Bondign/Insurance; Contract Provisions & Requirements; Workforce Development & Compliance; Effective Communications Training


  • Post-Award Negotiations
  • Contract Requirements
  • Control Plan Requirements
  • Change Order Process & Requirements
  • Invoicing/Progress Payment Processing
  • Notice of Potential Claims/Claim Processing
  • Scheduling/Coordination Requirements
  • Construction Safety Plan Prep & Requirements
  • Project Closeout
  • Certified Payroll

The SBSS Program is funded on your behalf at no-cost to small businesses by BART. 

Should you, or an organization you are part of, wish to contact the SBSS Program team:

Email BART SBSS Program Administrator Javieree PruittHill at or call us at (510)287-4700.

Pre-Award SBSS: 

Paul Pendergast

Post-Award SBSS:

Harry Overstreet

Please email BART SBSS Program Administrator Javieree PruittHill at or call us at (510)287-4700.